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Hi Joe & Susanne,

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work both on the wedding day, and on the wedding photos we had made. Brian just brought our photos and Graphi book home, and I am literally stunned at the beautiful quality of the book and photos as well as your photography.

You both were SO patient with us and our extended family on our wedding day. I know it was a lot to deal with, and you not only succeeded in making everyone happy, but also got some really beautiful shots as well. I know it is probably typical, but looking at my Graphi album and prints, I started tearing up remembering the day and how you were able to capture all of the emotion we were going through, from nerves, to joy to partying, you captured it all.

I have since been to a few friend’s weddings and seen their wedding photos and the photographers on the wedding day at work. You both by far offer a very special service covering the wedding from start to finish, I’m sure it is draining for you to be there the whole time, but I can tell you as a bride, you were able to capture moments and give us such broad range of photos to choose from, that my other friends just didn’t get with their photographers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work. Brian and I have photos and an album that we not only treasure, but will be a lasting heirloom to hand down to our future children, and grandchildren. I cannot thank you enough for capturing that very special day in my life.

Brian and Megan Kile
September 2, 2008

Hi Joe & Susanne

I just wanted to thank You again for a wonderful job with Our wonderfull pictures.  Kane was so very impressed with the final album and the parent’s albums.  We both were extremely happy cause we were expecting smaller books for the parent’s album.  Our parents are just going to LOVE them.

I know that everything happens for a reason and there was a reason that I found you that day on the internet and a reason that we happen to stumble across the Hyatt when we did.  You truly captured exactly what we wanted our day to be about and that was the love for our families and friends.  We truly could not have asked for any more or anything better.  I don’t think any of those pictures could have been any better.  They are simply gorgeous.

If you ever give potential clients references from past couples…  Please give them our names, phone #’s or e-mails.  I will make sure they have no doubts in who to choose for their photographers.  I also keep meaning to tell you..I know that the pictures are truly yours, but please feel free to use that rainbow shot to show your work to people.  I would truly be an honor for people to see that picture.  It means the world to me, and it is only a once in a couple of shots that you are able to get something so gorgeous.  Not just one, but two rainbows in a shot??  AMAZING!!  That picture truly gives me goose bumps whenever I look at it.  I can’t wait to get the portrait of it.

Once again, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for the most gorgeous pictures that I have ever seen.  Our wedding will be the most amazing memories in the start of our young lives together, and when we add an addition to our family… I know exactly where to go for those family portraits as well.  I look forward to a continued relationship.  You both are truly amazing, and should be so proud of the photos you take.  You know how to capture EXACTLY what the customer is looking for!!

Have a wonderful vaction, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!
Thank You So Much,
Kane and Jennifer Geils

Susanne & Joe

Just wanted to say Thank You for everything!  You two were like family, helping and advising us, but also non stop shooting pictures.  Your patience and professionalism was much appreciated.

All the Best,
Kenni Wixom  (mother of bride)

Five Stars…   Excellent Wedding Photographers! – Courtney- October 22, 2008

Joe and Susanne are the most professional and talented wedding photographers that a bride could wish for!  Even my (somewhat stingy) father commented on what a great job they were doing and that they were worth every penny.  They photographed my wedding on May 3, 2008 in Sarasota, FL and I am so pleased with the results.  When we first met, they spent time showing us their photoshop lab at their studio and how they retouch the pictures.  Using the best cameras, they work great as a tandem husban-wife team.  The best thing is that they are available the entire day to take photos!  They only shoot one wedding per day, and will spend and unlimited amount of time with you!  On our wedding day, they first shot the “getting ready” photos at the Hilton LBK.  Then we were off to take photos at the Ringling Museum.  Afterwards, they followed us to the church for ceremony photos, and finally, we were back at the Hilton for beach and reception photos.  It was a very long (and fun!) day, and now I can remember it all with the wonderful pictures!

Courtney & Matt

Susanne & Joe,

Thank You so much for the time you took and the effort you both put into our wedding.  I hope you were able to enjoy yourselves a little bit as well.  We look forward to seeing the pictures!

Conrad & Amanda Ginther

Joe and Susanne,

The pictures are absolutely breathtaking!  It is so emotional to see them, but you captured them so well.  I can look at each picture and remember exactly what was happening at that moment.  You had many hurdles to overcome, and you did with such grace and poise you ar truly great at what you do, and I am so happy that we found you to photograph our most special day!
Have a Wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Stan and Kelly Grabowsky!!!

Oh my gosh, you guys!

I love the album so much it’s gorgeous!  It’s everything I expected it would be and I just want to thank you both again for being so great through the whole process.  From our very first phone call I knew you were the best choice for us, and to this day, I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with your work, professionalism and advice.

Thans so very much!
Mrs Liza Sullivan!

Dear Joe & Susanne,

Thank-you, for everything!  Your helpfulness and expertise were beyond what we expected.  You and Susanne have made our wedding day run very smoothly.  We are very grateful for your advice and knowledge on photography.  The photos are awesome and the love of what you do shines through.  You and your wife make a perfect team and a wonderful couple.  You both understand and respect each other.  Please use us anytime as references.

Yours Truly,
Mr & Mrs Christian Atkins

Joe & Susanne,

I could not thank you enough for the wedding pictures!  I viewed the proofs today and they turned out great!!  I love them!  I can’t  wait to get my coffee table book and other photos as well!  How long does it take for the Graphi book?  I would think it would take some time…I was just wondering…

Thanks Again,
Justina Clark

Joe & Susanne-

Thank you for everything.  You guys did such a great job on the engagment photos, the wedding, the signature portrait and now the thank you cards.  Let me know when you guys are ready for the coffee table book and we will let you know soon about our enlargments.

-Melissa & Brian Buck